【108/12/12(W4)】Invitation to Instrument Training Course – Experimental Optimization for Intracellular Flow Cytometry

The Core Facility Center of the Office of Research and Development at Taipei Medical University will be hosting a series of demonstrations, seminars, and training programs for new and existing instruments. We invite those who are interested to register with us.
For information on the program schedule, and details on the online program, please click on the following link: Core Facility Center xms system
Time 108/12/12(W410:00-12:00 (Mandarin)
Venue United Medical Building (Back Building) 15th floor, 1st meeting room
Registration URL http://ic.xms.tmu.edu.tw/xms/content/show.php?id=2602
Registration deadlines 108/12/10
If you are a TMU faculty or staff member, and wish to register for the course (principle and application course), please register using this website: Learning and development system for faculty and staff.
This course (principle and application courses only) counts toward the continuing education points of faculty members as well as the education training hours required of staff members.
Please contact us if you have questions.
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