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Consultation on animal experiments

Consultation on animal experiments
Service targets
  • Faculty and students of Taipei Medical University (TMU) and colleagues of TMU’s three affiliated hospitals (TMU Hospital, Wanfang Hospital, and Shuang Ho Hospital)
  • Relevant enterprises that are interested in conducting pilot animal experiments
Service items
  • [Research] Guidance on writing an experimental proposal
  • [Research] Guidance on research design for animal experiments
  • [Research] On-site observation of and assistance for animal experiments
  • [Research] Assistance for filling in breeding records of experimental animals
  • [Industry–academia collaboration] Consultation on pilot studies featuring animal experiments under industry–academic collaboration.
  • [Industry-academia collaboration] Assistance with the design planning and implementation of animal experiments
  • [Industry-academia collaboration] Miscellaneous animal experiment services and analyses
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Reference website:
  • Industry University Alliance Consultation and Analysis Platform for Pilot Studies on Animal Experiments, Taipei Medical University
Taipei Medical University Laboratory Animal Center
Animal Experiment Consultation Form
This form is provided to users for consultation with LAC; such consultation pertains to problems in the initial planning period of animal experiment or issues after the conduct of animal experiments in LAC. LAC will respond to the questions raised according to available resources. Thank you.
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