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Core Facility Center

   The TMU Core Facility operates as part of the Office of Research and Development at Taipei Medical University. It supports innovative research at TMU by providing highly specialized services, equipment, and staff that would be too costly or impractical for a single laboratory or department to provide.It houses several high-end equipment that are available on a pay-for-use basis to researchers throughout Taipei Medical University, as well as to non-TMU researchers. It manages seven individual cores, such as Imaging Core, Mass Spectrometry Core, NMR Core, Flow Cytometry Core, Natural Compound Isolation Core and Single Cell Genomics Core. These staffed facilities provide researchers access to high-end instruments, technical support, and expertise; as well as training in various instrumental operations. To better service the faculties and students at Taipei Medical University, several instruments in the Basic Research Core are available 24 hours a day. In addition, the TMU Core facility also hosts instrument-related seminars and training programs every year.

   Please contact us for information regarding access, services, fees, and online scheduling.

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