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Our Business Operations

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The primary function of this center is to provide services related to academic research for all teachers, students, and staff members as well as outside teachers and students. The range of services includes academic research services provided by the Core Facility Center and poster-printing services in the school.

  The Core Facility Center provides the valuable instruments necessary for performing academic research, such as the flow cytometers, real-time PCRs, and multimode microplate readers. The center hosts periodic training courses to enable people wishing to use the instruments to promptly understand the principles and methods of operation. The center staff also provide instructions on how to use the equipment. In addition, the center features an electron microscope room operated by technicians, which facilitates the embedding, sectioning, and observation of cell tissues. Moreover, the center houses NMR spectrometers and confocal microscopes, which are available to users via appointment and registration. Operation and observation of the experimental samples using the microscopes is performed by the technicians.