TMU IACUC and LAC Announcement on COVID-19 Pandemic Phased Plan 

Immediate action (starts from 2020/3/26):

1. The ongoing experiments:
(1) Reduce the use of experiment animals and end the ongoing experiments as soon as possible.
(2) Breeding laboratories are strongly advised to suspend mating. For special strains, please
consider the National Laboratory Animal Center for conservation (
(3) Rabbit, guinea pig and chicken are advised to postponed.

2. For animal experiments that have not yet been performed, it is recommended to postpone the implementation. Please do not introduce animals. For the implementation of related plans and application for animals, please consult LAC and the IACUC officer.

3. Researchers must wear masks to access all floors of LAC, and there is no need to change the paper masks provided by LAC after entering.

4. It is forbidden for those who have been in contact with COVID-19 confirmed persons to enter LAC (confirmed cases shall be subject to the announcement of the Central Epidemic Command Center).

5. Animal experiments performed outside LAC are only allowed to end on the same day. During the epidemic prevention period, LAC will strengthen the audit, IACUC will stop the animal proposal of violator and report it to TMU committee.

6. LAC will maintain animal housing and provide equipment services on the basis of not affecting animal experiments. During the epidemic prevention period, if you have any questions about the application and use equipment service in LAC, please contact technician in charge.

Phase 2: TMU closed, researchers will not be able to enter LAC
LAC will maintain the basic manpower in accordance with the resolution of TMU’s epidemic prevention team meeting, and implement the long-distance shift mode. Researchers and users are prohibited to enter LAC.

Phase 3: When LAC have to completely closed for a long period of time, feeding cannot be provided, and the basic survival needs of the animal cannot be maintained, based on the Animal Protection Act of Taiwan, LAC veterinarian will euthanize the animals and send a letter to inform the PIs.

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)
The office of IACUC and Laboratory Animal Center (LAC) have planned contingency measures for the epidemic status of COVID-19. We hope that all users can fully cooperate with relevant regulations and stay safely in this crisis. If you have any questions, IACUC will assist in resolving related issues and provide relevant advice and consulting service.

Update information from the webpage:
IACUC officer:
Mr. Huang

LAC officer:
Ms. Tang