【Notice】Forum for Animal Care and Use- Legal aspects of Laboratory animal

  • 2019-05-02

Forum for Animal Care and Use
Topic: Legal aspects of Laboratory animal 
Invited Speaker:
Ming-Chiang Lin Phd. College of law National Taiwan University
Date: 10:00-12:00, Wednesday, Jun 05, 2019
Venue: United Medical Building (Back Building) 15F  Conference Room II.
This seminar will be conducted in Mandarin.
Registration Date: 2019.04.30 ~ 2019.06.03
Registration website:
1.Faculties: http://training.tmu.edu.tw/WcmsModules/Portal/FullFrameLogin/index.aspx
2.Assistant Manager /Student/Others:
實驗動物照護及使用委員會  敬邀
Institutional Animal Care and Use Committees