2022/05/25【LAC Training Class】Ultrasound (Prospect 3.0)

  • 2022-05-18

Dear TMU Faculty,
Taipei Medical University, Laboratory Animal Center (LAC) will be hosting a Seminar Training Program on High-frequency Ultrasound Imaging System and therefore inviting those interested to kindly register. This seminar will be conducted in Mandarin.
2022/05/25 (Wed.)
Lesson time Item Position
10:00-12:00 Principle and Application Comprehensive Medical Building (Rear Building) 15F-1 Room
13:30-15:00 Operation instruction LAC 3F operation room (first echelon)
15:00-16:30 Operation instruction LAC 3F operation room (Second echelon)
Registration information:
1. Registration time : 2022/05/18~2022/05/24
2. Website:
Principle and Application Course:
Faculty Member:https://reurl.cc/9ObGza
Assistant Manager & Student:https://reurl.cc/AKbjpY
   Operation instruction:https://reurl.cc/g0nGoQ
1.The instrument is self-operated; users have to participate in the training seminar and on-site practice and pass the test to qualified for self-operating.
2.This course (principle and application) only counts towards the continuing education points for faculty members.
3.This seminar will be conducted in Chinese.
4. Please fill out the questionnaire within one month after the course.