【2020/12/28】[Request for tenders/proposals] Summary list (on-campus registration deadline: 2020/12/30)

2020/12/28[Request for tenders/proposals] Summary list
The university will comprehensively collect tenders, each of which will correspond to one project. Teachers interested in tenders should email Mr. Yang at the Office of Research and Development (ext. 7115; jayyang@tmu.edu.tw) to register a tender of interest before 2020/12/30 and avoid resubmission, which will cause the tender to be abandoned. After the registration deadline, if the debriefing content of the tender does not overlap with that of others, we will email the tender information to the bidder as an invitation to commence proposal composition. Please prepare to submit a comprehensive proposal and associated documents required for stamping (the submission date will be notified individually alongside the tender information) with a proposal envelope and cover page to the Office of Research and Development for the subsequent sealing process and document delivery. [Tender/proposal] archives: Website of Office of Research and Development(LINK)

NO. Announcement unit Project name Project No.
Budget (Self)-registration deadline Tender deadline Registrant
1 衛生福利部國民健康署 110年健康職場推動計畫 B1091237 17,500,000 2020/12/30 2021/01/07  
2 衛生福利部國民健康署 110年-111年菸害與酒害政策分析諮詢服務計畫 G1091210 4,200,000 2020/12/30 2021/01/11  
3 衛生福利部國民健康署 110年牙醫師參與戒菸服務訓練計畫 G1091212 1,300,000 2020/12/30 2021/01/11  
4 衛生福利部國民健康署 110年戒菸治療醫師訓練計畫 G1091213 1,300,000 2020/12/30 2021/01/11  
5 衛生福利部國民健康署 110年校園主要慢性病防治及推廣計畫 D1091214 2,952,000 2020/12/30 2021/01/11  
6 衛生福利部 110年度「輔導教學醫院辦理臨床技能評估測驗計畫」 M1001162 3,000,000 2020/12/30 2021/01/12  
7 衛生福利部 110年度「生產事故事件通報及品質輔導計畫」 M1001176 4,500,000 2020/12/30 2021/01/12