2023/09/01[Request for tenders/proposals] Summary list

2023/09/01[Request for tenders/proposals] Summary list
The university will comprehensively collect tenders, each of which will correspond to one project. Teachers interested in tenders should email Mr. Yang at the Office of Research and Development (ext. 7115; jayyang@tmu.edu.tw) to register a tender of interest before 2023/09/04 and avoid resubmission, which will cause the tender to be abandoned. After the registration deadline, if the debriefing content of the tender does not overlap with that of others, we will email the tender information to the bidder as an invitation to commence proposal composition. Please prepare to submit a comprehensive proposal and associated documents required for stamping (the submission date will be notified individually alongside the tender information) with a proposal envelope and cover page to the Office of Research and Development for the subsequent sealing process and document delivery. [Tender/proposal] archives: Website of Office of Research and Development(LINK)
編號 研究重點 期程 預算經費 保留後續擴充 合計
通過案數限制 性別分析
(年) 經費上限
113 114 115 116
1-1 建立醫療機構感染管制應變管理模式先驅計畫 3 3,100,000 3,400,000 3,700,000   10,200,000 擇優1
1-2 整備呼吸道病毒之雪貂動物感染模式與抗血清製備 4 1,200,000 1,200,000 1,200,000 1,200,000 4,800,000 擇優1
1-3 10劑型卡介苗品質監測計畫 1 1,694,000       1,694,000 擇優1
  1. 發展降低HIV延遲診斷之介入服務模式與成效評估
  2. 建立梅毒、淋病個案預防性治療及配偶/伴侶整合性篩檢諮詢與照護服務模式之研究
  3. 針對精神藥癮共病之感染者或PrEP服用者提供整合個管服務模式以及治療成效分析
  4. 建立愛滋困難個案(含社會弱勢族群)提升服藥遵從性模式
  5. 多元性別社群猴痘(Mpox)疫情防治策略發展及成效評估研究
1 11,600,000       11,600,000 擇優
  1. 新短程治療處方介入活動性結核病治療之安全性與成效分析
  2. 攜帶型X光設備結合AI工具應用於交通不便或醫療可近性低之結核病高發生率地區之可行性與成效分析
  3. 原住民對於胸部X光篩檢及潛伏結核感染(LTBI)治療服務之接受度及行為影響因素探究
  4. 發展降低結核病延遲診斷之介入服務模式與成效評估
  5. Xpert 方式檢驗糞便檢體標準作業程序推廣使用計畫
1 13,200,000       13,200,000 擇優