Upload operation for the Lecturer Research Index System- research paper points for the 2022 academic year (Deadline: 2023/02/07)

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Dear lecturers:
To cooperate with the lecturer-assessment process executed by the human resources department for the 2022 academic year, the Office of Research and Development will assist by compiling and reviewing the research results of full-time lecturers. Please login to the Lecturer Research Index System (https://rdsys.tmu.edu.tw/RPIsystem) to upload or update your information.
In order for foreign teachers to fill in the renewal information correctly, the college manager / secretary will be requested to assist.
The system is open from today until 5:00 pm on 2023/02/07 (Tuesday). To protect your rights and interests, please upload your research results from the past 5 years (2018/1/1 to 2022/12/31); access to the system will be denied after the deadline.
(1) Members of the following colleges should complete Forms A and B: College of Medicine(excluding medical education and humanities disciplines of the School of Medicine), College of Oral Medicine, College of Pharmacy, College of Nursing, College of Public Health, College of Medical Science and Technology, College of Biomedical Engineering, and College of Nutrition.
(2) Members of the following colleges should complete Forms A and E: College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Center for General Education, Medical Education and Humanities Disciplines of the School of Medicine and College of Management.
  1. Forms B and E use research credits as the calculation criteria according to the Lecturer Assessment Method: Research and Industry-University Quantitative Assessment Items.
  2. This system is handled in accordance with the form-filling instructions of Forms AB and AE of 2022/12/12 (For score calculation standards, please refer to the implementation directions for lecturer promotion in academic research).
  3. Please maintain your publications in the Lecturer Research Directory System.
  4. Please confirm your personal information form, contact information (personal contact and phone numbers), and research experience.
  5. Please upload your number of research papers, research results, and awards for the past 5 years in Form A (click save if no information requires updates).
  6. Research results must be saved in Form B or E by clicking the “Modify” and “Save” buttons for each paper to update the latest ranking and the patent or technology transfer scores of SCI and SSCI journals.
  7. Please manually delete papers, patents, technology transfer materials from 2017 and before. To add new articles, please use the “Add Articles” tool.
  8. The corresponding author and author ranking information for journal articles should be completed, and the number of corresponding authors and number of co-authors should be provided for author ranking.
  9. Patents are calculated based on the date of certification.
  10. Technology transfers are subject to the contract date; the technology transfer fee is calculated according to the actual amount received.
  11. Pdf files of articles, patent certificates, and technology transfer contracts must be uploaded for the research results in Form B or E.
  12. If all the information in the system is complete and correct, please return to the Summary Table and click “Send” to finalize the uploading operation.
Lecturer Research Index System: https://rdsys.tmu.edu.tw/RPIsystem
(Accessible from the homepage, personnel pages, and research pages of the Taipei Medical University website)
1. Forms A and B (2022/12/12 version)
2. Forms A and E (2022/12/12 version)
3. Personal Information Form
Brief step-by-step description
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If you have any questions or need assistance with uploading your information, please contact Ms. Wei (ext 7192, e-mail: yuyin11@tmu.edu.tw ) from the Office of Research and Development.