2022 Teacher and Student Joint Academic Research Symposium-Online Review

2022 Teacher and Student Joint Academic Research SymposiumOnline Review

  1. Preparation
    1. Before entering the conference room, exhibitors change their account name to exhibitor number + name (EX: A-01 TonyLin)
  1. Online review process
  1. Each Conference room has three Reviewers and exhibitors.
  2. Once the review begins, reports will be rotated by number (EX: A-01 to A-23).
  3. If the exhibitor isn’t online, the report will continue to the next number, and the report who isn’t online will be made up after all the participants are finished.
  4. If there is a good reason, with the approval of the review committee, the order of reporting can be adjusted.
  5. Three minutes for each exhibitor to report, two minutes for reviewers to ask questions.
  6. R&D colleagues will assist in the review process of each conference room.
  1. Online poster presentation and review entrance (12 meeting rooms)
Group NO.
Conference room
Google Meet Link
A Basic Medical Science A-01~A-23 ROOM-A-1 https://meet.google.com/gju-jiww-gtx
B Pharmacy and Traditional Chinese Medicine B-01~B-05 ROOM-B-2 https://meet.google.com/zmp-wdkg-wqs
C Nutrition and Biotechnology C-01~C-18 ROOM-C-3 https://meet.google.com/jnm-zybx-jpc
C-19~C-35 ROOM-C-4 https://meet.google.com/wgs-ujkv-hgk
D Clinical Medicine D-01~D-15 ROOM-D-5 https://meet.google.com/yvh-pkoy-pmo
D-16~D-29 ROOM-D-6 https://meet.google.com/dvh-kfnk-ghv
E Public Health, Nursing and Medical Technology E-01~E-23 ROOM-E-7 https://meet.google.com/sxx-gtry-woq
E-24~E-46 ROOM-E-8 https://meet.google.com/sgh-pykk-mjh
F Biomaterials and Dental F-01~F-20 ROOM-F-9 https://meet.google.com/adj-tcwb-dfr
K MOST College Student Research Project K-01~K-18 ROOM-K-10 https://meet.google.com/jcf-jxvt-hsw
K-19~K-36 ROOM-K-11 https://meet.google.com/xsd-cpog-yoy
K-37~K-54 ROOM-K-12 https://meet.google.com/nde-diif-wnn