【LAC Class】PhenoRack

Dear TMU Faculty,

Taipei Medical University, Laboratory Animal Center (LAC) will be hosting a Seminar Training Program on Animal Behavior System (PhenoRack) and therefore inviting those interested to kindly register. This seminar will be conducted in chinese.

Schedual:2019.11.01 (五)


10:00~12:00 - Principle and Application Course - Meeting Room (1), 15F, United Medical Building

14:00~15:00 - On-site Practice (Session 1) - Animal Center 3F Operation Room

15:00~16:00 - On-site Practice (Session 2) - Animal Center 3F Operation Room

Introduction :

PhenoRack is using a new technology enabling to monitor the subjects locomotion and behaviors.It analyzes automatically various items :

Locomotion : Distance traveled, speeds & duration of movements,

Behaviors : Rearing, Drinking, Eating, Freezing & Burst movements,

Video tagged with behaviors,

All included dimensions : 52 x 56 x 27 (width x depth x height in centimeters).

Registration website:

1.Faculty Member

Principle and Application Course:https://training.tmu.edu.tw/

2.Assistant Manager & Student

Principle and Application Course:https://reurl.cc/1QEX6Q

On-site Practice:https://reurl.cc/b6g3Zr